Google Business Profile

Google My Business is gone: Say hello to Google Business Profile

Yep, you heard me right: GoogleMyBusiness is gone. I have two important things to tell you today. Firstly about GoogleMyBusiness/GMB — actually don’t panic (if you did momentarily) … it’s simply being rebranded as “Google Business Profile”. Which makes sense. Some accountants and tax professionals maybe DIDN’T panic when they read that … but if

growth mode

How These Tax & Accounting All-Stars Shifted into Growth Mode

Before I share about getting into growth mode, let’s first talk about a key to building a successful business. The critical shift for business success You see, there’s a shift that occurs in the lifespan of a business — universal to EVERY industry — in which “success” by most metrics is assured. You can put

security plan

Avoiding IRS security plan fines and other positive vibes

I have two things for you, as we approach the Thanksgiving festivities next week and one has to do with creating a security plan. Firstly, are you aware of the little checkbox that popped up in the PTIN renewal application a couple years ago about having a “written security plan“? Even sole practitioners must adhere to

This is STILL the most enthusiastically-endorsed marketing media

One of the largest digital marketing conferences in North America was held a few weeks ago at the San Diego convention center. (Though it was smaller than years past because well, you know…) And do you know what was one of the most talked-about, most enthusiastically-endorsed marketing media at this conference? Email marketing. Yep, not

accounting firm marketing

Tax & Accounting Firm Marketing: State of the Union

Do you get the sense that nothing will ever go back to “normal”? Goodness, if you’re paying attention to the popular culture, you can’t help but feel like things seem to be falling apart. Popular “consensus” is falling by the wayside in an increasingly-fractured society, and the last 18 months have left an indelible mark


Marketing Is Hard

Marketing — whether online or offline — has never been more complicated. Why do I say that? Well, here’s just a small sampling of the skills and concepts you need to create an actual online marketing machine for your practice … An understanding of search engine algorithms and what causes one site to “show up”

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