Don’t Leave Your Leads Languishing in the Lobby

“More” is a popular word in culture and business today, and especially when it comes to marketing your practice. More leads. More clicks. More calls. More traffic. “More” seems like the key to growing your firm, increasing your profits, retiring sooner, realizing your professional aspirations. Except when it’s not. (This is a conversation I was

IRS Tax Forum

What I Discovered at the 2023 IRS Tax Forum

I was at the IRS Tax Forum in San Diego last week (and DC before that and Atlanta before that). It’s been a minute since TaxProMarketer’s been to an IRS show — it’s been a long minute for all of us. I gotta say, it felt good to be back. I always particularly enjoy seeing

joy at work

This Matters If You Want to Find Joy at Work

“The wrong way to run a company…” That’s what I usually hear about in the news. The story about the CEO who laid off 900 employees over Zoom surely didn’t escape your notice either. And we all know something about the notorious work environments over at Uber and Amazon. Because “if it bleeds, it leads.”

joy at work

Teach Google: Organic SEO Starts Now

It seems like we are forever starting something new as professionals. I personally feel that in my bones right now as I embrace my new role as CEO here at TPM. For you, though, there’s perpetually new rules from the IRS, new governmental policies to follow, new tech to integrate. If you think back to

transitioning roles

Transitioning Roles Is the Actual End Goal

So this might be a little bit of inside baseball (as the saying goes), but I actually think there’s something here for YOU. See, if you’re smart about your business, you are already building with the end in mind. That means that you’re doing everything you can to move yourself out of the seats of


A New CEO for TaxProMarketer

This is a special moment for TaxProMarketer. So I hope you’ll pardon me for a few paragraphs of “behind the scenes” doings here. No, I didn’t sell the company (even though we’ve had many suitors). No, I’m not retiring — and no, I’m not really going anywhere. I’m keeping my office in our building, sitting

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