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Business Coaching Tip: Hire an Integrator

Today, I’m steering a little out of the marketing waters and into the business coaching seas. And I think it’s something you’ll agree with.  Now, when TPM made the Inc 5000, I wrote a little bit about the reason behind that success. If you are the lead visionary in your practice who is constantly excited

great staff

How to Attract – and Retain – Great Staff

There are stages to a business, and very soon you realize that once you’ve hit six figures in revenue, you can stay in that desert for a LONG time… unless you build with a team. But hiring great people for tax and accounting practices is a monstrous pain in the you-know-what. Some market areas are

pricing structure

The Magic of a Solid Pricing Structure with Michelle Weinstein

With the word recession hanging in the air, it seems only natural to talk about PRICING with you. Specifically, yours. Regardless of the inflationary realities you and your clients are facing, how you price your services is one of the best things that you can be looking at right now. Don’t get us wrong –

Why You Should Offer Tax Resolution Services

While the culture war rages on (and yes, it’s pretty hot today) … there is an entirely different kind of storm on the horizon. And tax professionals are perfectly primed for it … maybe. I wanted to share with you the good things we’re seeing RIGHT NOW in the advertising data … plus we’ve got

Accounting Websites 2022

My Love-Hate Relationship with Making the Inc 5000

It is with decidedly mixed emotions that I tell you that TaxProMarketer is on the Inc. 5000 list this year. After 15 years in business, it’s a fairly unusual thing to receive this honor for the first time. Most of the companies (but not all) on this list are younger than we are. I’ll explain

Accounting Websites for Tax and Accounting Professionals

An Opportunity to Share Your Expert Tax Knowledge

I have some thoughts on why live, in-person events are terrible… and they aren’t because of a lack of tax knowledge. Maybe the reason why the IRS Forums stayed virtual this year is that they heard from their constituents how unproductive, boring, and useless they can be Hot take: Going to live, in-person events to get content (or

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