tax season

Two Post-Tax Season To-Dos to Prioritize

No, this is not another email from a procrastinator asking you to work a miracle right at the end of tax season. “I know the tax deadline passed, but can’t you backdate my return and submit it today if I bring my docs in before five o’clock? My weed business blew up last year but


Embracing the AI Paradigm Shift in Your Tax Business

If you read my email last week, you know I’m not losing sleep over the latest AI developments and how they’ll affect our industry. That’s my industry AND yours, btw … note the prediction of vocations most affected by the latest AI tech: Tax Preparers: 100% Accountants and Auditors: 100% Public Relations Specialists: 67.2% Writers

AI in business

Incorporating AI in Your Tax Business

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock this year and aren’t seeing the sweeping effects of AI in business right now… Some cool things are coming.  I’m not just talking about air conditioning season or “post-April 18th” season — both will be very welcomed.  I’m talking about massively disruptive and innovative changes to

new clients

Leveraging SEO and Local Listings to Find New Clients

So, you want to get new clients.  Take a moment to visualize your ideal person. How do they spend their time? Money? What do they care about? What social platforms are they on? Are they single, married, homeowners, students? Each one of these factors heavily swings the pendulum of your approach. Because the secret to

marketing strategies

Building Your Killer 2023 Marketing Strategies

Now that we’re at the end of February (inching ever closer to that tax deadline), it’s worth taking a moment (before we talk about marketing strategies) to assess: How’s your 2023 going? You’ll probably agree that what we all thought would be a pretty “easy” tax season (in relative terms to the nightmarish last three

business strategy

Top 2 Business Strategy Tips for Accountants Right Now

This is your reminder that whatever is happening in your practice right now … well, it won’t be this way forever. Take that to the bank… (and start thinking about improving your business strategy). That goes for if clients are STREAMING through your doors, or if it’s crickets out there. But if clients are streaming

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