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online marketing machine

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The locus of our Online Marketing Machine is a custom built website that incorporates a comprehensive SEO & UXO strategy. The beginning of our new website process first focuses on this question: what type of leads do you want us to target?

If your firm primarily focuses on tax resolution services then you should not have a website targeting and addressing tax preparation leads.We help you get the leads you actually want. This is just one of the elements that makes our custom websites both effective and unique in the tax and accounting industry.

We take the information you provide us regarding the type of client you want to pursue and then implement the most robust SEO strategy in the industry. We don’t just make website’s that look good, we make website’s that are effective in getting you in front of qualified leads in your local market.

Our SEO strategy is a comprehensive and premium feature that comes standard with all of every website. Our websites also include the following.


  • Top level site hosting
  • Relationally focused weekly blogs
  • Complimentary web edits
  • Custom homepage video
  • Client portal and payment processing functionality
  • and much more…

Having an effective email program undergirds EVERY successful online marketing platform. However, too many tax professionals haven’t leveraged its power because they are stuck in the “Monthly Newsletter” paradigm. And that’s too bad, because it is the foundation for skyrocketed growth for the best service firms online.

Our email marketing program is one of the key cogs in our Online Marketing Machine program and it is a full, done-for-you experience. We can work within your own Infusionsoft account, or (even better for you) there is no need for you to purchase any kind of email broadcasting platform whatsoever.

Our emphasis is on relationship-oriented, weekly nurture emails that build deeper connections and which sell your services — so that when the prospect is ready, there is simply no other option but for them to contact YOU.


Biggest sin in online marketing: no Facebook presence.

Second biggest sin? A social media presence that hasn’t posted in weeks or months.

With TaxProMarketer’s social media feed program, every aspect of your social media presence (posting daily, handling replies, building connections and creating actual LEADS from social media) is handled by an expert team who have been exclusively serving the tax industry since 2007. We invented the “social media management” niche within the industry, and have built hundreds of social media platforms for firms across North America.


The problem for tax professionals is not that there is a lack of individuals using search engines like Google and Bing to find local tax professionals. The data does not lie. There are thousands of people every month in every market, large and small, who are using those search engines to find trustworthy local tax and accounting professionals. The real problem is that your website does not show up for those relevant searches.

A litany of properly established local listing profiles will lead to an explosion of visibility for your website and will solidify your website’s position on top level keywords. Our aim with our local listings strategy, which comes standard with all of our custom website buildouts, is local market domination.

Outside your firm’s main website, local listings sites are the most influential and powerful sources of new clients for service professionals. Yelp, Bing Places, Apple Maps, Google My Business and other such channels are where new business is now being won. But only for those who know how to do it right, and can stay on top of every new development.

Acquire, nurture, and close as many leads as your firm can handle. Our fees are inclusive of all of your advertising costs, and include daily social media posting (so your Facebook page continues to follow-up with new leads), 
Facebook Messenger bot creation, customized video and text-based ad campaigns to demographic and geographically-customized target prospects, direct appointment-scheduling options, ongoing lead nurture and conversion, and more.
Completely done for you… 

One campaign. Multiple impressions.

Get an average 30% uplift in conversions by running direct mail, email, and display ads to the same prospects, at the same time.

We handle all of the design, coding, production, coordination, and distribution for you.

Only at TaxProMarketer.