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2023 Accounting and Tax Marketing Playbook

When we speak with accounting and tax pros one on one about their marketing, this is what we often hear: I have an outdated website.  My local SEO is flopping. How do I prevent dead-on-arrival paid ads? Traffic to my website is slumping. There are plenty more, obviously. These are merely the most common —

future of accounting

The Future of Accounting with Ryan Lazanis

As you’re probably aware, the tax and accounting world isn’t known for being the most cutting edge industry. Some practices still operate the exact same as they did decades ago, because… these approaches have stood the test of time – right? Not necessarily.  In 2013, Ryan Lazanis, CPA founded Xen Accounting, one of the first

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Attract, Hire, and Retain Employees with Argel Sabillo

There are stages to a business, and very soon you realize that once you’ve hit six figures in revenue, you can stay in that desert for a LONG time… unless you build with a team. But hiring great people for tax and accounting practices is a monstrous pain in the you-know-what. Some market areas are

niche market

Thriving in Your Niche Market with Brandon Hall

Nowadays, anyone can create a social media page and broadcast opinions on how to structure your tax and accounting business (and believe us, we’ve seen plenty of that). But how many of them have actually walked the walk and seen success? And are they skilled in a niche market, or are they just a jack

Freedom to Grow in Accounting Services with Caleb Jenkins

You might have someone on your team with an incredible knack for tax and accounting services.  They love engaging with clients, are a whiz with numbers, and pick up new projects faster than you can lay them down. (If a name came to mind, read on…) How can you make space for them to fly?

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One of Many Marketing Principles with Jassen Bowman

We hate to break it to you, but…  The internet is not special. It’s just one of many marketing principles to lay hold of (albeit – a necessary one in this time). At least, that’s what our guest Jassen Bowman, EA, asserts in this episode of the ProMarketer Podcast. He says it’s no different from


Credibility: The Secret Formula to Business Success with Mitchell Levy

We’re sure you’ve been flummoxed by some tax and accounting firms’ failure to reach new potential client pools while simultaneously others experience a gushing influx of new clients.  And that has got to make you wonder… what’s their secret?  The truth is, in today’s world, your competition is global.  Everyone has a camera and a

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2023 Tax Season Predictions to Consider

After what some are calling the Worst Tax Season In a Generation — but during which many other practitioners THRIVED— what is coming for the 2023 tax season? Based on our conversations with tax professionals, other accountants, industry leaders, and more … we have some ideas. Join Pronto Tax School founder, Andy Frye, and TaxProMarketer

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