Effective Advertising for CPAs and Tax Firms

When done right, Tax Practitioners and CPAs can utilize advertising for QUICK leadflow.

Running an ad campaign will get you clients and revenue right now, but if you shut it off, what happens? CEO Christian Jones talks about ad timing.

One of the “quickest wins” we can pull off together with tax professionals and CPAs is advertising for search. The CPAs and tax firms who work with us report that advertising is one of the most effective components of what we do for them (mostly because we do it differently than any other service provider in the industry).

What’s Different about TaxProMarketer’s Approach:


We ONLY do advertising for CPAs, accountants, tax professionals, and business advisors. That means we’ve worked out all the kinks for getting ads approved and generating the right kind of leads QUICKLY.

A handle on the Google Ads Auction process

The Google Ads platform is continuously changing so our specialists are keeping up with how different advertisers in your market are affecting YOUR click rates.

Multiple ad groups for all of your services

Your practice provides tax preparation, tax planning, accounting, valuation, resolution, bookkeeping, CFO services ... it doesn’t make sense to have ONE ad that tries to speak to the different kinds of clients that would be looking for each of these services.

A clear call-to-action on the landing page or website

Many of the "cheap" PPC providers in the industry will not have this. Sending traffic to a generic, brochure-style website is flushing money down the toilet.

No overhyped calls-to-action on your landing page

The corollary of the above is that if you are targeting clients for accounting services... and you are squeezing them hard like a carnival barker, the "message to market match" won't work

Diverse ad strategies

Retargeting via the Google Display Network (GDN) is the best kind of conversion traffic there is from advertising for tax practitioners and CPAs.

Daily monitoring

Market fluctuations means that if, say, we set a $30 daily budget for a particular ad group but something happens (whether competitor or a news flash) and the cost-per-click skyrockets suddenly -- which happens ALL THE TIME -- we’ll know about it and adjust accordingly.

Conversion tracking

This goes beyond "clicks" and "traffic". We’re tracking those clicks to your bottom line to show you ROI-generating activity.

Since 2007, at TaxProMarketer, we have been driving new client acquisition, existing client nurture (referral generation, cross-selling, review generation), and prospect conversion on behalf of our tax and accounting firm clients.