business goals

Beyond Status Quo with 2023 Business Goals

Before we head into the weekend, and tax filing beginning next week, I think it’s worthwhile to take a bigger picture look at where we are (and this matters for setting business goals this year – more on that in a minute). Things in the broader economy are looking dicey. Our industry — while insulated

how to get clients

How to Get Clients (and Hold onto Them) – Simplified

With the new year beginning, and tax season barreling its merry way in our direction, there are MANY things to think about. Existing client care. New client onboarding SOPs. Tax code changes (i.e. combatting misinformation). Software disruption. Staff training and hiring. ARGH!!! Oh yeah … and making sure your new client pipeline is full. Tack

workflow for accountants

Effective Workflow for Accountants

In our industry, I see this same scenario over and over again, and it’s the very reason I want to discuss workflow for accountants today. Picture it: A client comes through your doors. They speak to an intake person and start their engagement after getting the consultation. They are VERY excited about the possibilities ahead

business coaching

Business Coaching Tip: Hire an Integrator

Today, I’m steering a little out of the marketing waters and into the business coaching seas. And I think it’s something you’ll agree with.  Now, when TPM made the Inc 5000, I wrote a little bit about the reason behind that success. If you are the lead visionary in your practice who is constantly excited

great staff

How to Attract – and Retain – Great Staff

There are stages to a business, and very soon you realize that once you’ve hit six figures in revenue, you can stay in that desert for a LONG time… unless you build with a team. But hiring great people for tax and accounting practices is a monstrous pain in the you-know-what. Some market areas are

pricing structure

The Magic of a Solid Pricing Structure with Michelle Weinstein

With the word recession hanging in the air, it seems only natural to talk about PRICING with you. Specifically, yours. Regardless of the inflationary realities you and your clients are facing, how you price your services is one of the best things that you can be looking at right now. Don’t get us wrong –

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