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A Risky Invitation

Last year, just around this time, my first biological son was born. To say that it was a miracle, after 12+ years of marriage ... well, it's a bit of an understatement. Well, today, a different kind of "baby" is being born in our family. My wife, Sara, today had her first book published and

Too Many Emails In Your Tax Business?

Just got back from Vegas from the NATP Tax Pro Forum... and, well, it's good to be back on the home front with my five children running around. I've had more speaking invitations and travel in this past season than ever, and while that's a fine thing, it's also a cause to remember the beauty

Overcoming "Indecent" Exposure In Your Tax or CPA Marketing

Do you ever feel a little bit cheesy promoting your business? Do you feel uncomfortable picking up the phone to ask for seminar speaking engagements, promoting yourself online and on social media or letting potential referral sources know more about what you do? Whether you like it or not, growing your tax or accounting business and reaching new clients depends on