A Risky Invitation

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Last year, just around this time, my first biological son was born. To say that it was a miracle, after 12+ years of marriage … well, it’s a bit of an understatement.

Well, today, a different kind of “baby” is being born in our family. My wife, Sara, today had her first book published and released, through Zondervan. The story behind how it came to be is a long one, and full of many “coincidences” along the way … and it, too, feels a bit like a miracle.

So, this post is my invitation — though it does come with a bit of a warning: my wife writes from a Christian perspective. So if that would be problematic to you, please feel free to ignore this invitation, and we can still be friends : )

(That’s my perspective, as well, but I have NO bone to pick with those who don’t share it.) You may feel like writing this whole blog off, but I will also say that the way I’ve found best to “be real” in business is to be open about who I am, my faith included — and to reach for unmitigated excellence in all that we do, with no “faith test”, etc. required. So, I won’t be often writing this sort of thing, and certainly not when on behalf of our clients.

Now … disclaimer aside, I do believe that this book could be the sort of “breath of clean air” that you may be looking for. At minimum, it’s a beautifully-told narrative that will engage you (and which includes some pretty personal moments in our lives, including some business-related).

So, I encourage you, today, to check out: Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty:

Here is a video which captures the flavor of the book…

On that book page, there are some incentives for you to purchase in the next week (hey, I’m a marketing guy … my wife allowed me a little leeway!).

This is an unusual posting from me — soon I’ll go right back to writing you about the mercenary business of skyrocketing the growth of your tax and accounting firm, k?

Thanks again for your trust, and our relationship. I don’t take it lightly.

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