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The Hype Merchants Are Everywhere

For tax and accounting professionals, this is the slow, potentially-lazy time. You might be reading this on your phone someplace warm, someplace vacation. Or, you're enjoying the slower pace around the office -- knowing that it won't last. Maybe you're browsing around looking for solutions ... and, well -- it really is difficult to make

The Little Choices Matter For Your Tax Business

"Little hinges swing big doors." It's one of Clem Stone's most famous aphorisms, and it's never been more true. The world has become even more dependent on the tiny choices we make since Mr. Stone was in his heyday in the 60's and 70's. It's the tiny decisions, the little tweaks, that you make NOW

Digging deeper to get more new tax or accounting clients

Got a lot of great feedback from last week's word on harvesting the gold from your tax client list, so I wanted to return to the subject briefly today. Hopefully, you've taken the time to take a close look at the REAL demographic data within your client list. Unlike many businesses, you have a wealth of

Finding More Good Clients For Your Tax or Accounting Firm

I get asked regularly what is the "best" marketing tool to bring in new clients.   Well the answer might surprise you -- because you already have it. It's your client list. Yes, you heard me right. And the sad reality is that most tax & accounting professionals -- with reams of client data sitting under their

Grow A Tax Business By Moving on From Tax Season Well

It was a wild and wooly tax season for us here at TaxProMarketer, and I know it probably was for you, as well. We're only now beginning to catch OUR breath, and I can only imagine that you feel the same.  How are you feeling about yours? Now really is the time for you to

3 quick marketing/sales ideas for RIGHT NOW in tax season

You're thick in tax season, so I wanted to send you some quick information which can make a real difference in the next 40 days or so that we've got left. In our experience working directly with 1,000+ tax and accounting firms, we've seen that there are three BIG things you can be doing to ensure

The Leakiest Bucket In Your Tax Office Is ...

...your phone. Whenever I speak with private clients (especially leading up to and during tax season), a regular topic of conversation is the importance of having CLEAR goals in mind for every client interaction with you or your office. You see, while I was directing the marketing for the big tax firm, besides negotiating with ad reps,

Common Marketing Missed Bases When Tax Season is Rolling

So, now that we're into tax season, let's talk maximixation. Depending on your client demographic target, your model, and your marketing, you may already have clients calling and streaming through your doors. Don't be surprised with a little bit of delay this season, though. Word on the street is that while some are very busy,

As your screen fills with Thanksgiving ...

... I thought I'd like to join the chorus. I love that here, this week, we have a shared expression of gratitude that pulls all of us out of the mundanity of our existence. No matter your creed, Eucharisteo, as the ancient Greeks saw it, is a lifting of our heads to recognize that all that we

A tax marketing growth checklist for you

We're rounding the corner, aren't we? Thanksgiving comes this week ... then the holiday rush is upon us ... then, well ... it's GO TIME. It's very tempting to take this time between the just-completed extension season and the beginning of January to rest and let what comes of tax season be of the harvest which you