Born Into Adversity — And Triumphed

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These are trying times — if you let them be.

We spoke with every one of our hundreds of TaxProMarketer agency client firms last year, right in the middle of 2020’s many challenges, and a clear theme emerged: growth in the midst of trial.

2020 was a proving ground — and so will be this year.

Because the 2021 tax season is going to be wild.

We are here to help you NOW, so you too can grow no matter the season.

Now … you might be facing some disadvantages, and, frankly, you might be tired and want to give up. I get it. I really get it.

I’ve been six figures in debt, and have had to crawl out of some dark places.

I think about my children (if you’ve followed me for any time, you probably know my wife and I adopted four children from Ethiopia and Uganda, when they were 1, 3, 5 and 7 years old)…

I think about what they faced before we adopted them:

One of my children was physically beaten as a 16 month old. Another was trafficked by a family member. One weighed 17 pounds — at age 3.5. And the fourth grew up in the slums and witnessed unspeakable depravity.

And yet …

In many ways, my children are my heroes, for what they have overcome. Each of them carries a light in their eyes that has been battle-won. They are each thriving in their own way — and while my wife and I can perhaps take some small credit for that, it’s also because of the choices THEY have made to face down their past and work through the difficulties.

You also have a choice.

You can take a look around at the slow-motion train wreck of our world, get caught up in it, and wallow in the disadvantages that we’re all facing. You might even have some serious challenges you’re facing.

But (and I hesitate to put it this way, but here goes) … if my children can rise in the midst of these massive difficulties, you surely can too.

We’re here to help you, of course … but you CAN do this.

Last year was exhausting. The world seems like it’s teetering. 

But as the great philosopher Andy Dufresne said: You can either get busy living, or you can get busy dying.

These next few months, despite the tiredness and the challenges — they are the time to get busy living.

What you do NOW will directly impact 2021 and beyond.

Let’s do this.

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