7 Signs You Need A Marketing Update: Tax and Accounting Advertising

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With all of the cultural noise and chaos around us, PLUS the CAA craziness (and great news) — it’s almost easy to forget that tax season is upon us. The filing start being delayed is a reprieve … but it will be short-lived.

It seems like just last month that we wrapped the last tax season … but here we are.

And time is running out to get your marketing in order.

But it’s not too late for you.

And one of the “quickest wins” we can pull off together would be tax and accounting advertising for search. Search volume is ALREADY going through the roof because of the CAA, and it’s only going to increase. Uncle Sam is slinging money around (esp. to SMB’s) like a sailor on shore leave … and those who put their lines in the water will be the ones to bring in these clients.

“Hope” is not a strategy.

Opportunity still abounds though. Check this:

accounting advertising

Since 2007, at TaxProMarketer, we have been driving new client acquisition, existing client nurture (referral generation, cross-selling, review generation), and prospect conversion on behalf of our tax and accounting firm clients. We’ve recently become a Google Premier Partner — which means that we are held to the highest standards of ethics and excellence on behalf of our clients. Our clients who work with us report that tax and accounting advertising is one of the most effective components of what we do for them (mostly because we do it differently than any other service provider in the industry).

accounting advertising

If you’re not getting results like these ^^^ … we should talk.

But here are some more signs that you might need to re-look at this…

1) You don’t have a handle of the Adwords Auction process. The Adwords platform is continuously changing, and if you aren’t keeping up with how different advertisers in your market are affecting YOUR click rates, that’s a problem.

2) You set up ONE ad group for all of your services. Your practice provides tax preparation, tax planning, valuation, resolution, bookkeeping, CFO services … and you have ONE ad that doesn’t speak to the different kinds of clients that would make sense for each of these services.

3) No clear call-to-action on the landing page or website. Very common, because this is the approach followed by many of the “cheap” PPC providers in the industry. Sending traffic to a generic, brochure-style website is flushing money down the toilet.

4) Over-hyped calls-to-action on your landing page. The corollary of the above is that if you are targeting clients for accounting services… and you are squeezing them hard like a carnival barker, the “message to market match” won’t work.

5) Using only one ad strategy available through Google. If you’re doing no retargeting via the Google Display Network (GDN), then you are missing the best kind of conversion traffic there is from your tax and accounting advertising.

6) You are looking at the numbers daily — or your team isn’t. Market fluctuations means that if, say, you set a $30 daily budget for a particular ad group but something happens (whether competitor or a news flash) and the Cost-per-click skyrockets suddenly — which happens ALL THE TIME — you don’t know about, because you only check on it monthly.

7) No conversion tracking. You’re basing everything off of “clicks” and “traffic” with no way to track them through to ROI-generating activity.

If any of this rings true, it’s time for a refresh.

P.S. — We’ve been conducting weekly webinars for our clients where we dive deep on these topics. But we’ve also been recording them for the world to see. They are in the “Office Hours” section of our free members area.

We did one on tax and accounting advertising a couple weeks ago, and that would be a good thing to check out, if you want to dive deeper.

And, of course, we’re here to chat anytime.

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