A New CEO for TaxProMarketer

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This is a special moment for TaxProMarketer. So I hope you’ll pardon me for a few paragraphs of “behind the scenes” doings here.

No, I didn’t sell the company (even though we’ve had many suitors). No, I’m not retiring — and no, I’m not really going anywhere. I’m keeping my office in our building, sitting in on the same meetings, and still fully present here behind the scenes.

But our agency is ready for a fresh vision for leadership. And Christian Jones has earned his stripes here, having been a leader for us for 7+ years.

We made the shift internally in March, and have waited until now to let you know, simply to let the tax season crazy subside … because what this means for our clients, and what this means for YOU, is simple: more marketing power.

Since 2007, we have grown from a small, 2-person marketing outfit (that wrote print newsletters) into a full-scale digital agency that has been the leader in our industry for about a decade. We have 23 employees, clients all over the country (with many different practice types), hit the Inc. 5000 list, and we have found ourselves at a crossroads.

We could keep doing the same things we have been doing, in many of the same ways (adapting to new technology literally every quarter), or we could grow into an agency suited for the new, even faster age that is upon us.

I also had to look in the mirror: I’m very good at copywriting. I’d like to think that I’m also very good at leading a team, hiring, systems-building, and teaching.

But Christian Jones has the gifts, drive, industry experience, and vision to bring what we have been doing here to the next level, and I would be stupid if I stood in his way. Christian is a gifted project leader, a wise decision-maker, and an incredible marketing mind … and he’s only getting started.

Since we made the shift internally, we are already making faster, deeper, and more effective progress on many projects, and I’m VERY excited to share those with you in the future.

So, you’ll still hear from me from time to time (I’m still the Founder of this place, after all), but you will be hearing much more from our former VP-now-CEO, Christian Jones.

Give him a warm welcome for me, would you?

And buckle up … good things are coming.

Serve the world unselfishly, and profit…

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