Transitioning Roles Is the Actual End Goal

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So this might be a little bit of inside baseball (as the saying goes), but I actually think there’s something here for YOU.

See, if you’re smart about your business, you are already building with the end in mind.

That means that you’re doing everything you can to move yourself out of the seats of essential operations, and into the higher places where you can take a longer-term view. This is one of the hidden traits of successful practitioners – they’re constantly working themselves out of their own job. They don’t get stuck. Instead, they keep things light so when the transitioning roles time comes around, it’s a much smoother process.

(Mind you, this is easier said than done – part of what makes your tax or accounting practice sing is that special sauce that YOU bring. And that’s always hard to train into others. But it CAN be done.)

But making transitioning roles REGULARLY enables more than a few things:

1) Your staff GROW and don’t stay stagnant in the “same old, same old” roles

2) You’re able to steward revenue growth and focus on your highest-leverage activities (hiring, handling whale clients, selling, webinars, brokering relationships in your local or industry marketplace, etc.)

3) You can much more easily SELL your practice because your book of business isn’t personally loyal to you and you alone

4) You can do what we’ve done here at TaxProMarketer.

You may have seen the announcement that I’ve named a successor CEO to our agency: Christian Jones. He’s been with us for 8+ years, is a successful entrepreneur and business leader in his own right, and though he’s young, he carries a gravitas that our team of 20+ employees feeds off.

So, we sat down and recorded a video (short; about 7 minutes) explaining a little more about the “why” behind transitioning roles and the “what’s next”. And we’ll probably talk more about this at some point.

Because here’s the deal: I’m not actually going anywhere. I’m still in my same office, working alongside my team – just in new ways. Transitioning roles means I get to take an even HIGHER level perspective as founder and be a coach (not just a player-coach).

It’s opening my time up a little too, which is enabling me and Troy Lakey (my co-founder and partner) to build a couple new things that we’re excited about too.

But here’s the big takeaway, as I see it: Your business is a VEHICLE for your goals. It’s not the fulfillment of them. Whether your goals might be income, influence, community impact, legacy, or whatever … your business is not your “telos.” To live a life of deep joy, you need a bigger “why” than just building a biz.

And maybe building to sell your practice is what you need to be doing.

OR MAYBE … building something that will enable others to soar is what you really should be about.

Building your practice can be FUN when you pull away from the meat grinder of seeing it as your all-in-all.

And by the way … whatever your goals might be, we’re here to help.

Serve the world unselfishly, and profit…

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