Two Post-Tax Season To-Dos to Prioritize

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No, this is not another email from a procrastinator asking you to work a miracle right at the end of tax season.

“I know the tax deadline passed, but can’t you backdate my return and submit it today if I bring my docs in before five o’clock? My weed business blew up last year but my digital currency investments tanked so that should balance things out so there’s not a lot of extra legwork for you when it comes to my EIDL. Pretty straightforward, you know?”

Yeah, buddy, we know.

Ideally, you’ve had a chance to take a breath or two since last week’s tax deadline. (And let your autoresponder filter out these crazies without you.)

As you take stock of this year’s tax season… what stands out to you?

What do you want to change for next year? What clients do you need to point toward the exit?

How did your staffing plan play out? Did you hit your revenue goals?

Take a moment to write your thoughts down now before the dust settles over the high points (and the painful ones) and blurs the opportunity you have right now to learn from them.

There are now eight months ahead of you before clients start thinking about taxes and finances again in earnest. After you take some well-deserved rest, consider how you’re going to adjust for what you want your practice to look like in the next season. Whatever those adjustments are should be top-of-your-list come May.

The most obvious place to start: making sure those clients are thinking about taxes and accounting often before next tax season.

There are plenty of off-season marketing moves that can position you to be the port in the storm that your clients need, and I’ll talk more about some specific strategies soon.

For now, here are two:

  1. Ask your happy clients to post a Google review.

Google reviews move the needle in a big way for people searching for tax and accounting services online. While their positive experience with you is still fresh in their minds, capitalize on their goodwill with this ask. Be strategic in who you ask, be specific and brief in your request, and provide an easy link.

>>Agency clients can use our proprietary ClientStack app for this.<<


  1. Get around other industry experts and entrepreneurs looking to stay relevant in our ever-changing economic and technological environment. It’s the easiest way to get out of your box and think creatively.

My VP Christian Jones will be a featured speaker at GrowCon on May 8-9 in Utah, a 2-day gathering for tax and accounting professionals looking to do that very thing. Consider it.

So, go register.

Send some happy clients an email, and take a long weekend.

Now is the time.

Serve the world unselfishly, and profit…

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