This Truly Can’t Be Overstated

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There’s lots to crow about at the end of a tax season.

Rather than crow about the many stories we’ve received about our TaxProMarketer clients this tax season, I’d much rather focus on something else:


Especially during tax season, it’s likely that you may have forgotten how powerful what you have been doing really is.

Because your labor was NOT about filling out a bunch of tax forms.

Allow me to remind you of a few things:

* For most people, their $1,300 mortgage is a big deal. You face a $13,000 or $130,000 monthly payroll. You might as well be bench pressing 800 pounds for all they know. But you do it, month in, month out.

* Everyone else is brooding about problems, scandals and financial armageddon. You get to shine your spotlight on what people CAN do, what IS possible, the ingenuity that solves our problems.

* The media is chock-full of complainers, psychopaths and Cassandras. YOU, on the other hand, live in a world of opportunity and expansion. People respect and listen to you (whether you realize it or not) — because you’ve earned it, and because they see that you’ve gone farther than most any of them have.

* You are a beacon of hope to hundreds of families and other business owners — and not just because you take painful work off their hands, but because you can be the only person in their corner who is saying: “YES. You really can do this” with the authority of somebody who actually knows their intimate financial details.

* Your income is solely determined by YOU, and the actions you do (or don’t) take. Most people live by the drips and drabs of other people’s bounty … but not you; you are able to take quantum leaps and pour resources into others, into causes and into your family, simply because of the choices you make.

So THANK YOU for doing what you did this tax season. For what you will continue doing as the dust settles and we all tame the next year together.

Here at TaxProMarketer, we are PROUD to be in YOUR corner.


From all of us here, THANK YOU for the privilege it is to serve such as you.

Now, go get some rest. You earned it.

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