The World Needs You

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It’s the silly part of tax season.

This is when the crazies come out of the woodwork, the ones who dump a pile of paper on your desk (well, now more like send you a bunch of random logins) and expect you to “work your magic.”

And … you’re exhausted.

But remember: this is when we really shine. You became a tax and accounting professional for a reason — and I’m betting it wasn’t just because it was a way to make a quick and easy buck.

In my kitchen, we have two dishwashers and two full-sized refrigerators. On top of that, there are five freezers in my home — three standalones in the garage and two in our living areas.

This is the natural consequence of having seven children. This is just what we have to do.

My wife and I sometimes have to remind ourselves: “This isn’t what we expected, but it’s what’s required.” Because it really is a lot.

When you became a tax and accounting professional, you perhaps didn’t realize how frustrating “certain” kinds of clients could be. The ones who question your every move, who expect you to work miracles with bad (historical and unchangeable) data, who aren’t aware of what it takes to pull clear data from sloppy records.

The procrastinators.

But may I remind you? The world NEEDS your skills. Your clients NEED what you bring to the table. It’s a maddening, confusing morass of tax, legal and financial regulations out there … and for MOST families and business owners, a compassionate flashlight through the dark maze is one of the best gifts they can receive.

Even if they never express it to you.

Allow me to be the one to say … I see you. Your gifts to the world are enormous, even if sometimes ignored or under-appreciated. After almost 20 years in the industry, I haven’t seen a crazier season than the last 14 months of tax crazyland. And it’s not really done.

Just like with parenting — now that we’re getting ready to launch a few of our children, the job doesn’t really stop — what YOU do won’t really be “done” after May 17th.

But you are doing something so special.

THANK YOU. Hang in there.

Serve the world unselfishly, and profit …

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