How To Build A Lead Magnet For A Tax Or Accounting Firm

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I really don’t think you want a “normal” tax or accounting firm.

You wouldn’t have joined us here at TaxProMarketer if that was the case.

So, that being the case … it’s time that you dispense with old-school, “normal” practice for your online marketing. The days of slapping up a website and hoping the masses will come are gone.

Sure, you can still do it. You can treat it as just another expense on your P/L, but we think you want more.

Figuring out what to do to market your business online can be a confusing morass of “gurus” (many of whom have never really done anything significant online), geek-speak and expensive programs.

There is simply TOO MUCH information out there.

Cutting through all of the noise, and successfully marketing your tax or accounting business comes down to THREE key elements:

  1. Traffic (Sending prospects to your site)
  2. “Lead Magnet” (Capturing information)
  3. Follow-Up (Converting prospect to clients)

That’s it. Truly … all of the other “junk” out there is just throwing sprinkles on the cake.

Even Social Media is BEST used as a mechanism for all three. The best way to “win” with Social Media is to get users OFF of Social Media … and into your doors.

But I digress.

Each of these subjects could be (and are) the subject of multi-day seminars, but the main one to get right FIRST is converting your website visitors into actual leads.

To do this, you must give your website visitors a compelling reason to hand over their valuable information, which speaks to what they REALLY want.

You need a …

What’s beautiful about the strategy of using a lead magnet is that it can take a variety of forms.

It can vary over time.

It can be a…

  • free e-book
  • report
  • mp3
  • mini-email course
  • online video
  • Et cetera

And there are two keys to making your lead generation magnet successful:

  1. It should be something that your target market wants.
  2. It should have real value — while also providing a low-pressure way to take some next steps (like call your office, come in to meet with you, etc.).

Then, once you’ve delivered the goods, you get permission to build a weekly relationship with this website visitor over time–and harvest them as a client when THEY’RE ready.

Sending out a monthly tax tips “newsletter” doesn’t build any kind of sustainable, long-term relationship. But putting this lead magnet mechanism in place (and systemizing it) will go a long way towards turning your website into a leads-producing machine … and transforming it from an “expense” — to an investment.

If it’s not doing that, it might be time to cut some of that website dead weight, and build a MACHINE.

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