Six Marketing Mistakes Your Business Needs To Avoid

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It’s tax season. People are thinking about tax professionals and accountants RIGHT NOW.

So why are you still having trouble bringing in clients? What’s wrong with your marketing plan?

After a lot of years in this industry, we can say it’s likely that you’re making one (or more) of these six common marketing mistakes:

  • Not emailing clients
  • Not texting clients
  • Not asking good clients for reviews
  • Obsessing over little details instead of getting your website or ad campaign out there
  • Ignoring website leads
  • Not scheduling appointments with good leads and clients when they call

See, a lot of people in the tax industry get distracted with the shiny stuff — ad campaigns, pretty websites, social media campaigns… And it’s not that these things (when used correctly) can’t be helpful, but these shouldn’t be a starting point.

In the world of TurboTax, free filing services, and all the tax information available out there to help the taxpayer file their taxes, being an authoritative, relational, trusted resource is the foundational key to tax service professionals and accountants bringing in clients. And letting people know that is something that needs to happen regularly.

If you’re not in people’s ear, giving them helpful insights, speaking to their direct situation, you’re missing out on your biggest opportunity to acquire clients and to do so for the long term.

And there are other marketing mistakes besides not capitalizing on email marketing and texting tools. Are you asking for Google Reviews? Are you building a lead capture tool on your website homepage? Are you creating a website that is focused on getting engagement?

Not utilizing the tools that are already at your fingertips to reach prospective clients or retain existing ones is ensuring that your business stalls out, crashes, and burns. And there’s no reason this should happen during the busy tax season when pickings are anything but slim.

You’ve got to optimize each aspect of your marketing plan — website, Google Business Profile, Google reviews, email marketing, social media — so that people are seeing your business and choosing it. (Optimization is one of those essential things we focus on here at TaxProMarketer — we’d be happy to talk with you about it.)

See, failing to make the most of email marketing and texting tools, failing to ask for reviews, failing to follow up on good leads — these all spell disaster for growth in the tax and accounting services industry (as does nitpicking over minute details on a website and delaying putting it out on the web as soon as possible).

If you want to see new leads and real growth you’ve got to make sure you’re taking advantage of the marketing tools that foster connection with prospective clients and get your business true online visibility.

If you’re ready to improve your marketing plan and boost client acquisition, schedule a time with us.

We’ll help you get things back on track.

To serving the world unselfishly, and profiting…


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