Marketing: The Key to Building a Business That Lasts

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There are some reading this post for whom the opening of tax season holds no particular import.

And others … well, the IRS opened the starting gate for receiving e-filed returns on Monday, January 24th. It’s been nothing but go-time for a lot of you out there.

Regardless, as we head into a busier season for all, allow me to remind you: The element that will MOST determine the outcome of your season is not your tax knowledge, your software, your systems, or even your people — it is your marketing.

Yes, I run a marketing agency so I’m biased … but I also have been in the tax & accounting industry for two decades and I know COUNTLESS accountants and tax pros who are very, very good at what they do — and are still struggling along with a small practice (and not by choice).

I also know countless mediocre accountants who are building a business empire. Because they have locked down their marketing (which, here in 2022, is much more than “building a website” or posting on social media).

NOW is the time to get your ducks in a row.

Our calendars have been jammed lately, but we have opened up some additional slots for those who want to squeeze the marrow out of these last days of January (or early February) and get input on their online marketing machine (or perhaps the lack thereof).

Grab your slot here.

One more element of success you should keep in mind. 

Say, you have your marketing set well — I have also seen practices shoot to the moon … and then crash and burn because of greed and ego.

If you and your team don’t approach this season as an opportunity to be the port in the 2022 storm that your clients NEED (i.e. you make CLIENT-CENTRIC choices, and not just try to squeeze out every dime from your client base for your time), then you will for sure have a short shelf life.

Listen in to some of the ways your fellow tax professionals and accountants were able to do exactly this over the course of last year:


And to drive the point home even further, one of the reasons we’re turning the corner on 15 years in the industry and we’ve doubled our agency in the last two years … we have fought like fiends for the success of our CLIENTS first knowing that everything else follows.

If you don’t take that perspective, well, you can have the best marketing on the planet, and you might even grow real fast … but it won’t last.

Let’s build something lasting, together, shall we?

To serving the world unselfishly, and profiting…


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