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Why You Should Include Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Your Tax Practice

Right now, business owners are desperately searching for people they can lean into for real guidance on business matters. There’s a goldmine of prospects out there, but tapping into them means offering more than just the once-a-year tax preparation service. It means becoming that back-pocket person for many aspects of their business including CFO services, accounting, tax planning, and bookkeeping. 

Enter Kate Josephine Johnson: MBA from the Yale School of Management, a BA in Economics from Baylor University, and recognized as a Top 50 Women in Accounting in 2020. She is the owner of Heritage Business Services, LLC, a virtual bookkeeping firm serving small business clients all over the United States. Three years ago, she saw an opportunity to help accountants and tax professionals who were burned out on the traditional accounting practice method and were looking to build a virtual accounting career instead. As questions began to flood her inbox, she responded by creating the Bookkeeping Side Hustle community, a group with over 18,000 members dedicated to helping others in the accounting world shift or grow their accounting business virtually.

On this episode of the ProMarketer Podcast, she and Nate Hagerty, CEO of TaxProMarketer, discuss the opportunities available to tax professionals in providing a full service practice that includes advisory and bookkeeping services. They emphasize finding the pain points for business owners and helping them sort through them. Often that begins with bookkeeping. Because the financial data tells a story – a truthful one. 

If you want to take advantage of adding advisory and bookkeeping services to your practice, start by learning the software (Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, Wave, etc.) and be good at daily accounting. This will be the foundation on which you can help any small business build their financial dreams. Build that kind of solid dependability and you’ll have a client for life, one that you won’t need to nickel and dime because they’ll see the value you offer their business.

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• Be willing to do the daily work of accounting and learn the software programs.

• If you handle the books, taxes are not hard.

• Serve small businesses through the year by offering a variety of advisory and financial services.

• Do the job of being their back pocket business advisor well and you’ll have a client for life.

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