Decades Over Hours – One CPA’s Billing Mindset

The last three tax seasons have shifted a lot of tax and accounting professionals’ priorities. Some are considering shifting their billing models. Others are trying to implement new marketing strategies to get better, more ideal clients. And there is a whole contingency looking for an exit plan to leave it all behind. 

Wherever you’re finding yourself on that spectrum, Michael Gordon (Not Your Basic Bean Counter) drops decades-worth of truth nuggets in this episode of the ProMarketer Podcast. Retired now, Micheal built a thriving CPA practice over many years and learned a thing or two about growing a business using strategies like “Take Mikey to Lunch”  and his own unique version of value billing.

Michael jumps into discussing the origins of Not Your Basic Bean Counter and how he gained a foothold into the realtor and renter’s association groups in his city becoming their go-to tax guy. In his practice, he built a culture that valued his workers and put relational connect as a top priority in their weekly meetings – something he thinks everyone should do in their business (big or small). 

When he began to approach retirement, he found that it wasn’t one big event or moment that brought on the shift, but rather taking baby steps. Now, he spends time advocating for fraud prevention in businesses, avidly reading the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) Report to the Nations. He even shares some juicy fraud stories with host Nate Hagerty (CEO TaxProMarketer) that’ll have you researching fraud prevention strategies. Michael is happy to share more – just shoot him an email (

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  • If all you ever do is what everybody else does, then you’ll never be any different or any better than anyone else.
  • The culture of a practice comes from the personality of a practitioner – weekly meetings are about relational connect not just business as usual.
  • Rather than thinking of retirement as a walk off a cliff, start by taking baby steps.
  • Sit down with clients and talk to them about putting in fraud prevention software and checks to protect the company.

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