The Way Forward for Business Growth

With a tax code that keeps morphing and clients who demand tax return happiness at a going-out-of-business price, it’s no wonder tax practitioners are burning out and running full-speed away from the industry. 

So, how do you navigate the rough seas of the tax world, scale your business, and find joy in what you do?

That’s exactly what Nate Hagerty (CEO of TaxProMarketer) and Joe Woodard (CEO of Woodard) discuss in this episode of the ProMarketer Podcast

Woodard has helped over 125,000 accounting and business professionals successfully grow their practices by providing education, coaching, and a variety of resources including weekly articles, podcasts, reality TV show episodes, and a monthly free webinar. 

Joe is also the proprietor of Scaling New Heights, which, since its start in 2009, has become one of the premier events in the accounting industry, bringing tools and practical insights on scaling up accounting practices (and lives). 

For a long time, accountants and tax professionals have lived in a survival framework. Your industry is commoditized and your profession is threatened with displacement by newer and more pervasive software programs (many of them “free”). 

But there is hope for the future. 

It begins with a paradigm shift, especially in the areas of pricing and value. Joe Woodard recommends introducing subscription model pricing, including advising value add-ons that go beyond once-a-year tax filing, and learning how to market your firm and sell that value. When practitioners like you begin to see the value of what you offer, others will see it too. 

Here you’ll learn that scaling requires a combination of new technology and process standardization… and getting the right people in the right seats at your company. 

Struggling to hire employees? Here’s a one-hour on-demand training (a special offer to ProMarketer Podcast listeners), which focuses on the staffing crisis and how to combat it: Battling the Staffing Crisis. For more free resources, be sure to head on over to and register for next year’s Scaling New Heights conference in St. Louis, MO – a great resource and an opportunity to build community that will help you weather the economic storms on the horizon.

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• Business growth is about knowing your purpose… found at the intersection of who you are, the higher principles you follow, and the change you want to see in the world.

• Technology and standardized processes must be implemented together to successfully scale.

• As soon as “the ink dries” on the tax return, go to the client and offer tiered subscriptions that offer value throughout the year.

• If your employees know the vision and the values of your company culture from the start, you’ll attract the right people… and keep them.

This episode is brought to you by TaxProMarketer, a leading marketing agency serving CPA & tax firms. It was established in May of 2007 in response to increased demand for real-world, relationship-building (and profit-producing) marketing tools for use in the tax and accounting industry.

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