Finding a Way from Burnout to Thriving in the Tax Industry

Tax pros and accountants alike… you know you’ve felt it. Exhaustion and burnout are all too real in the industry.

Practitioners and CPAs are jumping ship in droves. You probably know some… or you’re on the verge of following suit. 

But, if you’ll take a step back, you’ll see that you have an opportunity right now to be a gift to so many people who are looking for some guidance in this tax world storm. 

And finding a way forward starts with asking hard questions about your work/life balance and business structure. And that’s where Jackie Meyer, CPA, comes in, offering hard-won insights to accountants everywhere on those very topics. 

Owner of her own CPA firm, creator of the Certified Concierge Accountant Mastermind group, and 3-time 40 under 40 CPA Advisor winner, Jackie has become a voice of reason in the swirl of the accounting industry. 

Here she talks to host Nate Hagerty about self-evaluation, workaholic tendencies, creating boundaries with clients, and capitalizing on practice value-adds to move an accounting firm from surviving to thriving. 

Connect with Jackie Meyer:

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  • In 2016, Jackie converted her CPA practice to focus more on tax planning and value pricing and it has caused her business to thrive.
  • The Certified Concierge Accountant Mastermind offers coaching and support to accountants looking for a way forward.
  • The industry is full of workaholics, but most won’t admit they have a problem. Solving those tendencies means owning up to it and accepting that there are better methods (and people to help).
  • If people don’t get help for themselves in striking a healthy work/life balance, they need to do it for their families and their staff if this industry is going to thrive.

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