Rediscovering Joy in Your Accounting Practice

Small businesses truly are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy. And behind those businesses are accountants, bookkeepers, and tax practitioners, guiding them through the muck that is the current state of things. An accounting practice can help a business soar.

But that also means burnout… so many longstanding industry professionals shouting into the ether, “I’m done.” How then shall the industry (and its workers) find a way to get past the chaos? What tips and tools are going to help professionals like you navigate the turmoil?

That’s where Accounting Web and Managing Editor Seth Fineberg come in. AccountingWeb’s online content machine is all about giving accountants practical tools and industry knowledge to get the job done better. 

And that begins, as Seth shares with host Nate Hagerty, with remembering what makes you happy… along with a good dose of “NO” to the things that hinder the joy of serving your clients in your accounting practice. 

Ask yourself:

What kind of work do you want to be doing? 

What kind of clients do you want to be serving? 

What matters to you in this industry? 

How do you want to spend your time? 

Finding the answers to these questions means charting a path to rediscovered joy in your accounting practice even in the midst of a stormy tax and accounting industry.

And… there’s always networking and getting fresh fuel at the AccountingWeb Live Summit next year under the San Diego sun, May 15-18. In the meantime, listen in and visit to get more of what Seth and his team are offering up.

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  • Doing what you’re passionate about in this industry and remembering that you matter will help stave off the strong urge to jump the accounting/tax career ship.
  • Accountants have an opportunity to take control of how technology is shaping their field and bring hands-on experience to its development.
  • Find your no. Turn down clients you don’t want. Say no to 60-80 hour weeks. Make a plan for your time and the things that matter so you can rediscover the joy of why you got into accounting, taxes, or bookkeeping in the first place.

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