Incorporating AI in Your Tax Business

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Just in case you’ve been living under a rock this year and aren’t seeing the sweeping effects of AI in business right now…

Some cool things are coming

I’m not just talking about air conditioning season or “post-April 18th” season — both will be very welcomed. 

I’m talking about massively disruptive and innovative changes to our world.

They will be very, very “cool” … and very, very disorienting.

Already, we’re seeing ChatGPT famously preparing taxes (well … not quite).

Rumors are flying around of all kinds of vocational roles being eliminated (including yours), and there is a very strong feeling that the world is shifting under our feet.

Well, here’s the very good news: if you have been following along with what we’ve been talking about (for YEARS) here at TaxProMarketer / AdvisorProMarketer … you will be well-positioned to ride these technological waves into new levels of profitability and power (including using AI in your business).

Your clients will ALWAYS want to have the “port in the storm.” They will ALWAYS want a *real human* who can answer their very real questions.

Your accounting or tax practice will go from strength to strength when (IF!) you place your highest emphasis on relationship over outcomes, on quality over volume, and on quiet excellence over public reputation.

Some of your panicked colleagues are prophesying doom over at #TaxTwitter. They’re having difficulty seeing the benefits of incorporating AI in business. Others are quietly building the practice of their dreams … and seeing these new AI tools for what they are — tools.

Yes, I’m aware that certain tech leaders are publicly concerned over the societal impacts of AI sentience (the “singularity”) … but count me among those who believe that this tide that is rising will only cause the cream to rise.

And if you want some help to navigate all of this, figure out how you can incorporate AI in business, and build something lasting and long-term … we’re right here, in your corner.

Until next time then.

Serve the world unselfishly, and profit…

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