This is STILL the most enthusiastically-endorsed marketing media

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One of the largest digital marketing conferences in North America was held a few weeks ago at the San Diego convention center. (Though it was smaller than years past because well, you know…)

And do you know what was one of the most talked-about, most enthusiastically-endorsed marketing media at this conference?

Email marketing. Yep, not Tik-Tok, not FB ads, not “funnels” … good ole email.

There is a reason that it is powerful. It is one of the few remaining direct communication methods still yet available. It is a (relatively) “noise-free” environment for the reader, and it offers relationship-building possibilities for both raging extroverts and also those with a face and personality made for radio 😉

Also, it is one of the most powerful tools an accountant can have in their toolbelt for building a long-term practice of significance…

if you do it right.

That’s why I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be speaking with Andy Frye’s Pronto Tax School crowd about this very important topic for the long-term health of your practice.

If you don’t know Andy, you should. We handle the marketing for Andy’s thriving, third-generation family tax business based in the Los Angeles area, and that’s how I got to know him — as a client.

But Andy has steadily carved out for himself a massive following in the tax world with his no-nonsense and GENEROUS wisdom about running a professional practice with large fluctuations of seasonal help and a high volume of clients.

Even the sole practitioner has a lot to learn from Andy, and I think you’ll be excited about the marketing media conversation we had.

Wide-ranging and fun (as things always are with Andy — I’ve had him as a guest on multiple webinars and podcasts here, and he always draws rave reviews from fellow practitioners), and he always draws things out of me that I don’t normally share — he’s one of our favorite clients here at TaxProMarketer for a reason.

Listen in…

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