The Necessity of Clear Communication In Difficult Times

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Depending upon what kind of media you consume, if any, you may be aware that the world feels a little … off-kilter (to put it mildly). And this is the time when direct, sympathetic communication matters … more on that in a minute.

I won’t offer you the litany of suck. All you need to do is turn on the merchants of chaos (i.e. CNN, Fox, Twitter, et al), and it smacks you in the face.

So what does this mean for your tax or accounting practice?

Well, depending on your clientele, it could mean MANY things.

You might face WAY more anxious clients than even this past spring (if that’s at all possible), and the resultant belt-tightening and chopping of “expenses” like tax and accounting fees. Leaving aside the inherent stupidity of that sort of choice, this *IS* a dialogue happening among some of your clients.

You might also be facing your own anxieties during this moment regardless of your clientele. The future seems foggy, the market is bear-ish, costs are rising, and leadership seems absent or possibly even malignant.

Allow me to remind you — we’ve been here before, and you have a role to play … should you choose to accept it. In fact, here’s what I know, having operated within our industry through the 2008-9 recessionary cycle (and various other micro-dips as well): This moment is when practices of greatness are made.

I’m not simply referring to the old canard: When there’s blood on the streets, buy property — yes, sure. That’s wise counsel.

No, what I mean is that you are uniquely positioned to become a “lighthouse” within your market who shines a beacon of hope to your clients and prospects.

Everywhere, trust is being demolished (even E&Y seems to be trashing its once-shiny reputation).

But if you can rise up and offer words of hope — regular communication hitting the inbox of your clients and prospects — they will love you for it. Most tax and accountant pros blithely churn out generic crapola about the latest IRS updates and/or cashflow strategies, etc. And that kind of communication is well and fine.

But as important as that information is, unless it ALSO speaks into the conversation already occurring within the mind of your clients it’s just more noise.

Last recession, I saw practices build into multi-7-figure behemoths because they took the opportunity to communicate (and market themselves) in this way — with straight talk, authoritative empathy, and true expertise.

This is how trust is rebuilt among the ashes.

And yes, this sort of communication is a key component of our marketing methodology.

But you can also do this on your own. This kind of communication requires gumption, the right tech stack, and a willingness to create weekly content that engages the minds AND the hearts of your clientele.

We’re happy to advise you along the way, or just simply do it all for you.

Either way, let’s talk.

Because this is the time to build something amazing… and build a bridge with this kind of communication. This ain’t no time to shrink back.

Serve the world unselfishly, and profit…

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