Supercharged PPC For More Tax & Accounting Leads

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Harvest time is coming. Tax season is almost here.

Except it might be getting too late for you to reap all that you should have.

Because many tax and accounting professionals haven’t done the work in the past few months to sow the seeds they should have.

These “seeds” are the SEO seeds, the content strategy, local listings optimizations, the social media strategy … all of which take time to germinate. (When they do, it is extremely difficult for you to do anything BUT rake in the tax and accounting leads.)

But all is not lost — Google advertising can be the fast lane to growth.

Pay-per-click advertising on Google is the key to unlimited scalability in terms of increasing the flow of tax or accounting leads for your firm. (With paid search you have a lever that you can turn on demand to increase traffic and calls into your practice.)

But in ADDITION to pay-per-click, there are even more advertising options that can provide even BETTER results, especially as tax season rolls around.

On this webinar, we will show you …

  • How the Google Ads engine works – You have to understand how the Google Ads auction process works if you intend to succeed with paid search — quality and relevance is the answer.
  • The secrets to maximizing quality score ​- In order to drive lower cost per click and ultimately cost per lead, Ad Groups, the right keywords, compelling text ads, site links and strategic website destinations are critical.
  • The KPI’s and how to track them – You should not invest a penny into Google Ads or any other form of paid search without the proper tracking in place to gauge your cost per lead.
  • HOW NOT TO LOSE YOUR SHIRT during tax season – As big corporate money piles into the tax preparation keywords (driving their prices way up), we’ll show you the sneaky ways to completely AVOID the keyword auction process.

We’re excited for you to take our testing, our strategies … and finally harvest what you should this busy season.


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