“Selling is Evil” – Something Accountants & Tax Pros Have Wrong

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It’s probably no secret to you that most accountants are great with numbers, but many are uncomfortable with “selling.”

At least in the traditional sense.

Some have even said they feel selling is “unethical or evil.”

Frankly, scrolling through some of the sharky ads from individuals and companies in our accounting and tax space that populate our newsfeeds … well, I can understand the sentiment.

But selling at the core is just about building solid relationships, and relationships are vital to our existence.

We ALL sell in one way or another.

So becoming more efficient at it makes sense.

Being able to effectively communicate the value of what you’re offering (or suggesting) is a vital skill in business and life.

It can mean the difference between success and failure in your practice and even your most precious relationships.

Most accounting firms are wasting marketing budgets—losing tens of thousands of dollars—by not having a comfortable, frictionless sales process to convert prospects to clients.

Whether it’s YOU doing the selling for your practice OR you have a staff member doing it, having the right process is the key to higher profit engagements with less resistance.

Unfortunately, many have no idea what they’re ACTUALLY selling.

(Hint: It’s not tax compliance, bookkeeping, financial, or tax planning.)

And not understanding this truth is holding back far too many good people in the accounting profession from making the difference they’re here to make.

The truth is, you can be a caring, hard-working person and still not be making a lot of money or making a difference in the world.

But with integrity and the right words, you can have people see your value, invest in your services, and give you consistent referrals. It requires knowing how to say something useful, when to say it, and whom to say it to.

Think about this: the only difference between a $1 bill and a $100 bill is the message on the paper.

When you start changing the words you use in your communications, you can very quickly transform your practice and results, and get a MUCH HIGHER ROI on all your marketing efforts.

You can consistently bring in highly profitable engagements, with affluent clientele, through a few sales processes that engage in productive conversations that are comfortable for both you and your prospects.

It first takes a mental shift, followed by some very practical and methodological changes to HOW you approach these conversations. (We have many tools along these lines in our Free Members Area. Click “Join TPM” in the header or any of the green “Get Started Now” buttons.)

See your value and share it with others.

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