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If you’re NOT using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. … it may feel like you’re being left to the side while the cool kids party.
I’m here to tell you–you may actually be smart.
You see, these sites (and other social media) can become just one big mesh of various time-wasting social hangouts. Too many, in fact. Some do provide value (especially Facebook, which is quickly becoming the number one platform on the internet).
But that’s not the main problem. Here it is:
Why are you messing with Twitter, FB and Linked-In when your main website stinks?
Ouch, I know that’s blunt…but it’s the truth.
You see, you can “tweet”, “friend”, “link-in”, etc. to your little heart’s content…but don’t think that it will get you much business UNLESS your main business website is optimized to actually SELL your services!
And for your business to THRIVE these days, you absolutely must invest in the most important advertising space you’ve got right now: your main website.
Social Media, when done right, drives traffic and prospects to your main site. It’s the beginning of what *should* be a profitable relationship with your visitors.
That’s the big problem with relying on those cheap, commoditized  “site solutions” out there, which many of my clients (unfortunately) use–they’re not optimized to actually sell your services. They’re a glorified brochure, slapped up online … and they’re leaving you with thousands of dollars’ worth of prospect business LOST on a monthly basis.
That’s why you shouldn’t even be spending (your own) time learning Social Media, unless your main website has some key elements.

Enjoy your weekend!

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