Email Is Still King

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A few quick words for your Friday:
You gotta check out this graphic (via my good friend, top Adwords expert, Perry Marshall):

Emails outnumber Facebook posts, tweets, Google searches and Internet page views by a factor of FOUR. Even *after* you exclude spam.
As Perry explains, Email is the absolute center of the Internet universe. You have to have an email address to sign up for Twitter, Facebook, or any of Google’s services. There is no indication this will change any time soon.
Yep. That’s why I’ve always explained that though the power of Social Media is significant, your greatest asset will ALWAYS be your email and mail list. Which is why it’s so critical to integrate email marketing into your social media efforts (if you’re making them!), why you need to capture your clients’ (and prospects’) email addresses, and actually USE the darn things.
Email is the inner sanctum of the modern person’s world — the very dashboard of their lives and schedule, and it’s NOT going away.
You might be apprehensive to contact your email list, but I’ll tell you what you’re MORE apprehensive about: shrinking revenue.
And that’s what is guaranteed to occur if you don’t leverage this powerful medium. Even if the only overt benefit you see is a stronger relationship with your EXISTING clients … OH, is that ever valuable.
Where do you think your referrals come from? From whence do you find opportunities to upsell…non-clients?

So, I urge you to be emailing and contacting your clients and prospects … regularly. Give them excellent, conversational info they can use — and watch your business thrive. It really is that simple.
Talk again soon!

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