It’s Not *Just* the Tax Code That’s Changing

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This tax season has been insane. We have clients that are reaching a boiling point … and as we’ve reached out, we get comments like:

It’s nice to know that I am not in this alone, as I have consistently felt these last few weeks …

All these changes to the tax code are an easy target for somebody like me, right?

But the tax code changes are not the only changes you should be wary of this year.

The past 6 months have been BRUTAL for marketing agencies, consultants, and traffic experts.

Advertisers are getting accounts shut down left and right.

Ad restrictions are getting tighter and tighter…and disapproval rates are going through the roof.

And Apple is looking to make things even HARDER for Facebook advertisers with their iOS 14 roll-out.

For most agencies, consultants and any tax pro or accountant who DIY’s their marketing … it’s going to get UGLIER.

(Meanwhile, here at TaxProMarketer, we’ve grown 40% since June 2020, and our clients are thriving.)

You may have noticed (like I have) that there has been a massive number of lookalike “accountant marketing experts” (or newsfeed gurus, as I call them) all trying to scream loudly about how great they are at marketing for a tax or accounting firm.

They’re usually taught by a small group of “business in a box” uber-gurus who license their shiny tactics and systems to these new, wannabe coaches.

This might be too “marketing insider-y” to you, but I see this not just in our industry, but in many others as well. Technology is making it too easy for these hustlers to get in front of accountants and tax pros.

The marketing landscape is shifting under our feet … which means that a lot of marketers are going to be exposed VERY quickly because their “tactics” and “hacks” will stop working.

Meanwhile … those who’ve been creating multiple marketing channels that fill their pipeline with prospective clients and have working systems to nurture the ones that they have will emerge VERY strongly during the next year.

That’s because as one marketing channel fails, the others can pick up the slack and keep your practice moving.

And this kind of holistic, multi-channel system is what we’ve been building on behalf of clients for the last few years here at TaxProMarketer.

Our Digital Dominance Method is not a tactical hack … it is a methodology for lasting online marketing dominance.

Here’s where you can find out how to put it to work for YOU.

Serve the world unselfishly, and profit…

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