Attract High Paying Clients With 3 Simple Methods

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Over my past 17+ years helping tax professionals like you, I’ve heard many people say that they “didn’t want to market themselves” or that “salesmanship is manipulative and evil.”

But marketing AND selling are really about building relationships.

And those are vital to our existence.

Try this: Take a breath and hold it. Keep holding it until you feel the discomfort. Then hold it a little more.


When I hear people say that marketing and selling are “evil”, I think about oxygen.

If you’re gasping for air, you’re not getting enough oxygen.

And if you’re gasping for more business,

you have a marketing or sales problem.

That’s point number one.

Here’s point number two: the biggest marketing and selling job we perform is to OURSELVES.

If we tell ourselves the story that these things are evil, then problems will follow, just as surely as if we hold our breath for too long.

But when we remember that marketing and selling are the very fuel for the growth of our business, well … things get more lively.

So it follows:

You HAVE to implement effective marketing and selling. It’s not optional. Key word is “effective”.

If you don’t, nobody will know you and they’ll get their services from someone else (who is probably not as good at taxes and accounting as you).

So the choices are:

A: Market your business and sell (effectively)

B: Lose money

Inconvenient …but it’s the truth.

Awhile back, I held a complimentary web-class with my good friend Anthony Simonie, who shared some simple, but powerful ways to MARKET and SELL so that you have business clients reaching out to you on a consistent and predictable basis.

The feedback was amazing.

There was nothing for sale but people actually got results by implementing what he taught (for free) on the class.

Here’s what one person said…

“The webinar was fantastic. I took two of the simple strategies that you taught and implemented them right away. Took me less than 10 mins and two of my ideal prospects reached out to book appointments with me that day. I’m blown away.”


Because of all the positive feedback, I’ve brought Anthony back to share his strategies again.

Only this time, he’s agreed to include an additional strategy — one you can leverage to do the majority of your selling on autopilot, PRIOR to them booking an appointment with you.

And this is one of his secret weapons.

You’ll find out what this is and how you can effectively use it in your practice too.

This “weapon” will educate, engage, and inspire your prospects to reach out to you wanting to become your client.

Additionally, Anthony and I are going to share the simple 4-part proven process that generates high-paying business clients in short fashion…

… including one under-utilized strategy he’ll be doing a live demo on, that requires $ zero in paid advertising.

On this web class, you’ll learn…

  • How to sell your services for premium rates to business prospects who will be happy to pay them.
  • Where your (higher-paying) business prospects really are and how to reach them fast, without paying a dime in advertising.
  • How to dominate your market and create an unfair advantage over your competitors using my DD method.
  • How to do ALL of this while working less and staying true to your mission, yourself, and getting amazing outcomes for your clients.

…And more.

If you want to increase your profitability by working with clients who are grateful, see your value and are happy to pay you premium rates — while at the same time gaining more freedom away from work — you’ll want to get your hands on this information.

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