What I Heard At The NATP Annual Meeting

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Some of my team and I just returned late Wednesday night from Phoenix, where we were a featured exhibitor at the National
Association of Tax Professionals
(NATP) Annual Meeting, and as you might imagine, we’re furiously catching up. 28 new tax firms joining our client family, and, of course, picking up the ball where we left it with all of our other development tasks.
While there, I heard a few things, and I thought you should hear them too…
It was a busy meeting, and there were a ton of interesting comments, from the software debacles at the end of tax season (including how one software company is just about toast), to rumors that the IRS will be closing down the Tax Forums next year (which, in my informed opinion, is false).
One tax professional walked up to us and said:

I can’t believe there isn’t a company who will manage all of my Social Media tasks for me!

And, of course, after talking with us for about two minutes, she quickly signed up with us.
And a client who has been with us for a year said something to me that made the whole trip worth it:

Nate, your ability to communicate on my behalf, and to me during the year is unparalleled. There have been multiple instances when I was tempted to feel sorry for myself about some small thing or another, and your words enabled me to remember: ‘Yes, this can be overcome. I can do this!’

He was referring both to the emails we write on behalf of our clients to their tax and write-up contacts, but also, apparently, to how I put words to screen for YOU, over the course of the year.
But just like me, you have the chance to speak hope and encouragement to your tax and writeup clients beyond just “Your return is filed, here’s your refund [or your bill].”
You really can be a port in the storm for your clients, if you choose to take up that task.
In fact, take a moment now — compose an email, leave a VM, write a note — speak a word of hope for a few clients, a compliment or an observation, and watch what happens.
I promise that you won’t regret it.

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