Using Stories In Your Tax Marketing

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Just got off the phone with a longtime client, Mike Ornelas, and he told me the most amazing story …
Mike grandfather, Mario, came to the United States as an orphan, fleeing family turmoil. During the Great Depression, he found work as a Western Union telegram operator, but couldn’t advance because of his Mexican heritage.
So he started his own business.
He and his brother shined shoes for years, and were able to feed and clothe others during that painful time. But Mario didn’t stop there. He leveraged that success, and became the first Mexican-American to own and operate a foundry in the LA area. His business supported the war effort, and he eventually became a multi-millionaire through hard work, excellence and serving others.
It’s a great story, I think you agree.
My client, Mike, has an incredibe heritage because of his grandfather, and I asked him: Mike, do you TELL this story in your marketing materials?
Mike (who is extremely smart in many ways), said that it comes up with tax clients, but, no, it hasn’t been a part of their marketing.
WHOA! Talk about a dormant opportunity.
Chances are, that there are similar hidden stories — ones you tell your clients as you meet with them in person — which haven’t yet made it to your marketing materials.
Little tip: people love stories, right?
And it’s not like that switch turns off when they’re seeking out a tax or accounting professional. In fact, people love to be able to “brag” a little about the businesses they patronize, and the viral effect of having a clear “origin story” for your firm is incalculable.
It can be part of your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and you should take every opportunity to pass it along in your materials. And, if you don’t happen to have a great story, like Mike’s, you still have personal “flavor” which your clients and prospects want to know about. (You think it’s only that I’m a gushing Dad that I talk about our adoption adventures? The fact is, it gives you a sense of who I *really* am … as would your stories, if you told them!)
So take some time today to inventory the personal side of you, your staff, or your firm’s origin. Include it on your website, your direct mail and newsletters. Create a sign for your office, with pictures.
It WILL pay off.

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