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In-Season Profit Maximizers And Google Places

I'm still processing the 65-degree day yesterday, in mid-February, in KANSAS CITY, but the weather is cold again ... and it smells like tax season! There's a few things that I wanted you to make sure you thought about, heading into the weekend here -- as it relates to your marketing, and maximizing your profits

Time For You To Make Some Offers Pt. 1

I usually touch base with you on Fridays, but I'm flying to NYC tomorrow morning for a long weekend with my wife. First time away from the (now four!) kids for any extended period of time. We're going for the launch party for my great friend's book, A Walk Across The Sun, which is going

Tending Your Herd

November is right around the corner ... and how are your relationships with clients just about now? Do they eagerly anticipate hearing from you -- on MORE than their particular tax or books questions? Now is the time to do something about building momentum within your list before tax season, because if you wait until

Some tax marketing ideas for the end of this season

You're thick in tax season, so I wanted to send you some quick information which can make a real difference in the next 40 days or so we've got left. Much of this came out of our monthly Clients-Only coaching teleconference last week, and I wanted to pass along some quick tidbits for the rest

Tax Season Marketing Right Now

Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. - Theodore Roosevelt It's a crazy week for you right now, I know. Personally, it's pretty crazy at the Hagerty homestead, as well--my son just came out of surgery. It was a "routine" matter