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I received a note a while back, from a client, asking me for my take on his yellow pages ad. I do get these kinds of notes often,
and we recently created a way to accomodate it — here.
I’m happy to do these occasional reviews of your material, and I can usually spot huge money-sucking mistakes with a cursory glance.
But are the yellow pages something you should continue to invest in?
The answer is: it depends.
It all comes down on ROI — you need to be tracking whatever kind of print advertising you run, so you can have REAL numbers.
For some users (the 54 and over crowd), the numbers still indicate that they haven’t completely abandoned the ol’ YP. If that’s a target demographic for you, you MUST be there, with something good to say.
But no matter WHAT target market you pursue, you better be ranked high in the NEW Yellow Pages: Google.
In fact, my COO, Troy Lakey, and I are hosting a series of webinars on this very topic (and more) right here:
We’ve set up a few different options for you, so pick what works best for your schedule.
But back to how to get higher rankings in Google (on which we’ll be going into great detail on that webinar)…
There’s an old saying from a Rennaissance philosopher (Erasmus of Rotterdam), who said: “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”
I.E. — do a FEW things the right way, and because your competition is not doing these things (in the vast majority of cases), your one little eye, opened up, so to speak, can put you in a power position in the Google rankings.
Here are some key things that you should be doing:
1) Keyword-oriented domain name. In some cases, this can be the most powerful tool in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) arsenal. Using the name of your firm isn’t the end of the world, but it doesn’t help you if people are looking for anyone other
than you.
2) Fresh, updated content on a regular basis. This is a biggie, and it’s one of the main reasons (not the only one) to avoid the commodified site solutions. The “newsletter”  content they provide is identical across all their sites. So if you want to increase your rankings in the search engines, you need that content to be different, with local keywords integrated (keywords being the terms that people would search for, looking for your kind of business).
3) Links to your site, with a mix of “naked” links (i.e. which look like this: and keyword links — those which look like this: Tax & Accountant Marketing.
Get those 3 things right, and you’ll have a great start.
There’s more to it, which is why Troy and I are conducting the webinar.
Register right here:

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