Only implementing your best stuff during tax season

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A lot of people feel GUILTY. All the time. Especially at the dawn of a new tax season.
Because they have all these growth ideas, courses, books and training, and have gone to a bunch of seminars and haven’t hardly implemented any of it.
Guilt. Blame. Self condemnation.
Well, if you’ve done NONE of it, you *should* feel guilty, and get your back end in gear. Especially come tax season
But if you’re like most successful tax and accounting pros, you’ve done 10-20%, and you’ve probably skimmed the best cream off the top. So if you lock yourself in your cave resolving to do the other 80-90% before you get more education, you’re violating 80/20. And you’re stuck.
Case in point:
In my office I have a ton of books, I’ve been to more marketing seminars than I can count, and have invested into the high six figures into my marketing education (AFTER college course, naturally).
I could completely stop going to masterminds, stop buying books, stop buying courses and attending seminars for the next 5 years. I suppose, in theory, I’ve got so much existing material I could just coast on that.
But I would never, ever do that. Ever. Here’s why:
1) I am ALWAYS watching for the opportunity to sweep a $100K strategy off the table, in favor of a $1 million strategy.
2) The books and information I’ve collected to date reflects my state of mind in this year, last year, the year before, etc. It does not reflect the evolution that I must make next year and beyond.
3) Quantum leaps always involve rejecting the good in favor of the great. Almost every quantum leap I’ve ever experienced has been a direct result of being with other people in a context of brotherhood and camaraderie and iron sharpens iron with highly competent, sharp people.
So when I go to a seminar or mastermind, if my mind is in top shape, I’m prepared to re-interpret everything I THINK I know in terms of some new, groundbreaking insight. I am actively looking for that insight.
That’s how I keep my saw blade sharp.
That’s a strategy that will serve you well. NOW is the time to be seeking that new strategy.

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