Before You Put Out Any Tax Marketing Materials…

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I know the bullets are really flying for you now, but this is NOT the time for you, as the OWNER of your business, to relent from making the rain. (I.E. bringing in new business.)
You likely have some basic marketing materials that you use but I’d like to give you a simple checklist today to ensure that they are as effective as they need to be.
Here are 7 killers to effective marketing … avoid them at all costs!
Remember–what counts MOST is effectiveness. These are proven principles, in EVERY service professional industry.
1) Being Boring
*Cardinal sin for tax pros. You can avoid it! Hey, just add a descriptive picture at the very LEAST!
2) Not telling your reader how to take action
*MANY, many ads or letters bomb because the reader doesn’t know what to do next! Include an offer, a deadline — and make it a good reason for them to respond. Otherwise … to the delete pile you go.
3) Writing from “Me”
*The best way to form a relationship (or make a sale): talk about YOUR PROSPECT — what they care about, how they are feeling … and then you can swoop in with your solution.
4) Underestimating the difficulty of the task
*In the age of media saturation–you better not expect one sales letter to do it all! Follow-up a second time, and make sure that you don’t just rely on a couple media placements.
5) Too much “White Space”
*Riddle me this: when did white space EVER make a sale?
6) Failure to tell your “story” — why you do what you do
*Believe it or not, your prospects and clients want to be reminded of your story! Do it in the context of what THEY care about, and you’ll make a great connection. (See #3 above.)
7) Logo/Business name/Address at the top
*Why not turn your “letterhead” into “letter-footer” and — rather than wasting the most important area of your ads with just your branding — use headlines that actually work?! I.E. — something whose purpose fits, to get the reader into reading what you’ve written there.
If you want to run something by me, feel free. I’m in Breckenridge with my family for the week, so it might take a few days, but I do respond to every email sent to me by tax pros.
Have an awesome week — and remember: only the owner can truly make it rain. 

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