3 quick marketing/sales ideas for RIGHT NOW in tax season

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You’re thick in tax season, so I wanted to send you some quick information which can make a real difference in the next 40 days or so that we’ve got left.

In our experience working directly with 1,000+ tax and accounting firms, we’ve seen that there are three BIG things you can be doing to ensure that these 40 days sizzle…

1) Contact ALL “not-yet-returned” clients from last tax season by phone to set an appointment. This can be easily handled by a staffer, and I’ll refer you to what I recently wrote about closing over the phone. This leads to this reminder — if you haven’t already done so …

2) Plug your assuredly “leaky” phone procedures to ensure that EVERY phone contact results in an appointment.

3) Make plans NOW to reach “procrastinators”. I suggest a simple advertising strategy, specifically designed to speak to the very real sense of stress which families and business owners feel as the April 15th deadline approaches. The best timing for this is something to hit in the first week of April–earlier than that and true procrastinators aren’t yet feeling the heat, and much later than that and you’ll lose effectiveness. These “procrastinator” ads were always profitable and effective when I directed the marketing for our tax firm, and in this environment — they’ll be even more so.

In fact, we have some great procrastinator templates available for you through our Direct Mail dashboard:

God bless you my friend — and your tax season!

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