100 Testimonials in 2 Months…(!)

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What will many of your potential prospects automatically think of when they see your advertising? What’s one of the top reasons someone will not use your services? How come some people will be stubbornly reluctant to “believe” any word you say?
The answers to these questions have to do with people’s natural SKEPTICISM towards promotions, which exists when they see any ad, even the boring ones. This is ESPECIALLY true in the Internet age, in 2009 and beyond…and even more so in the current economy.
How do you increase your odds when you’re dealing with a skeptical public that may or may not believe any word you say? The answer lies in the *preponderance of proof* you add to all of your advertising.
What do I mean by “preponderance of proof?” It basically means showing your prospect beyond a shadow of a doubt you are who you say you are.  And the best way to “prove” to your client you mean what you say in your guarantee or in your promise to your clients IS TO HAVE SOMEONE ELSE SAY IT FOR YOU!
Strong testimonials, giving specific “testimony” to the benefits of your tax services. (Not: “Joe is a really nice guy and he did a good job preparing my tax return.”) Instead get testimonials from your best clients that say, “Joe bent over backwards to make sure our tax return was completely correct. We came into his office Tuesday morning and he took care of all the tax forms and filed our return electronically before five o’clock that same day!”
How do you get good testimonials? Ask for them!
That’s what Saul Gimenez did with his clients, and, well…I’ll let the note he sent me yesterday tell the story:

“I have always wanted some way to keep in front of my clients on a year round basis.  Nate’s email marketing services were the answer I had been searching for.
I have received numerous positive feedback from my clients regarding the weekly emails they receive.  I am also able to answer their questions and concerns via email instead of the telephone which saves my time during the rush of tax season!
The best part–I have been able to collect nearly *100* positive testimonials about our tax business with Nate’s automatic after-tax-meeting follow-up. This alone is worth the monthly cost for the emails.
What a benefit to have for my business! I would recommend this to any business OUTSIDE of my local area! :)”
–Saul Gimenez
Hillsdale, MI

By the way, he showed me his testimonials, and tons of them reference the way he keeps in touch with them on a weekly basis. Comments like:

“Thanks for taking the time to follow up on your clients that is a nice feeling…”
“Thank-you for your personal e-mails, we are enjoying them greatly. It is nice to have some positive input when so much negative is going around…”
“Thanks for e-mails and keep them coming they are good…”
“Nice to here from you. This letter and any of the following are great. Nice touch by staying in touch with your customers. Its nice to know that you and the staff really do care. This is why i have remained for several years and plan to stay with you through all my years…”

What’s Saul’s secret?

He lets me do it all for him…gather testimonials, keep him in front of his clients in a friendly, relationship-oriented way–and send him more business.
It’s all part of my Email Marketing Revolution, and Saul is just one happy client. We provide an automatic, 3-step “thank you” email sequence which thanks the client, asks for feedback, sends them a pre-written referral email they can send their friends, and “upsells” them on additional services.
All while Saul does *nothing*…’cuz we handle it all.
And it’s not too late for you to start NOW, and gather testimonials, referrals and SALES before tax season is over.
If you haven’t yet done so, grab a free Membership, and go to the “Weekly Email Marketing” Section…I lay it all out there for you!
To your success!

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