[WWN] Return Review Press Release

Our clients who use our email marketing and print newsletters see us integrate "Free Return Review" offers into the emails around this time of year (one will be included in next week's email), and they often do quite well, in terms of response.

But there's another way to stoke the flames.

I've attached a document for you, and allow me to explain.

Your local media, bloggers and other press are yearning for stories to cover.

The attached is a way for you to feed that beast.

FAX it to local media (TV, newspaper, etc.) and email it to prominent local online media.

(There are a few places where you would need to replace your information in there, which should be apparent.)

This can be adapted for small businesses -- here's an example of another business that did something similar:

What's more, you can use this copy as a standalone advertisement, placed in the newspaper, etc.

Oh, and the REASON to review non-client tax returns for free should be apparent.

If not, then drop me an email and I'll give you a rundown.

Here's the release [Word doc]


Enjoy ... and profit.