[WWN-FREE] Guerrilla Procrastinator Strategy [Download]

As you know now, we're EVEN MORE committed that our existing clients get all the business they can handle this tax season, so we've been delivering some additional strategy to you, Nate -- and will continue to do so.

One of the things we discussed on the recent Clients-Only Coaching Call was a "guerilla" strategy for raking in procrastinators.
IRS statistics show that just about one third of all tax filers so in the last two weeks. Do you want some of them?

Well, I remember when we rolled out this strategy across our different market areas.

We weren't sure it would actually work ... but then the results came in.

29-1 ROI.

This little puppy (and others like it) is an extremely profitable way to grow your tax business "on the cheap". Simply go into local merchants around your office(s), and ask to leave a stack of these by their cash register, or any high-trafficked area. The trick is to ask the right person AND to identify merchants which fit your target client profile.

Hire a high school kid to do this for you, or, if you're really hungry, do it yourself. But DO IT.

As I've always said: "I don't know ONE way to get 100 clients ... but I know 100 ways to get 1." This is one of the best.

The message doesn't have to be exactly the same -- but don't mess with the format too much. It was carefully-tested, and it works.

Here's a model for you (you'll obviously want to change the contact details!).

Guerrilla Gift Certificate [PDF]

Guerrilla Gift Certificate [PUB]