[WWN FREE] Why Pinterest Matters

Right now, the social media landscape is going through the most dramatic change in its short history ... it's going visual.

Lots of writers have tried to come up with a name for this massive shift in online behavior, but the best I've heard so far is the "visual revolution." That's a fancy way of saying that photo-sharing is really, really taking off.

Thanks to the rise of touchscreen mobile devices, humanity's desire to view and share pretty pictures has never been so freakin' easy.

Graphics are easier to create, edit, and interact with than ever before. Therefore images are stealing more and more of the viewing space that words like these used to occupy.

The 800lb gorilla of this photosharing group is Pinterest.

Unlike older networks like Facebook -- which recently spent months renovating its network to a more visually based Timeline view (the topic of a recent WWN note) -- Pinterest was specifically designed to tap into the potential of mobile devices.

This puts Pinterest in perfect position for growth as the mobile revolution continues to roll on in 2012. And as more and more people fall in love with mobile devices, Pinterest has proven to be a BIG winner.

The thing that really sets Pinterest apart is HOW you showcase your interests: By pinning IMAGES ... not penning whiny status updates.

And what makes Pinterest so valuable, for both users and marketers, is how effectively it targets our consumerist urges. It really gets the whole social shopping thing right.

As one popular analogy goes, "Facebook is like a neighborhood bar where you unwind and socialize with friends, while Pinterest is more like visiting a craft fair."

That's why Pinterest drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube, and GooglePlus COMBINED.

I will tell you that here at TaxProMarketer, we're only in the early stages of learning to leverage this, but we ARE moving towards a more image-oriented interface, both at our home site and on the marketing sites we're managing on behalf of clients.

You'll hear more from me on this topic, but go check out Pinterest, play with it a little, and see what can be done.

Here's the best way to start:

Sign up, pin your content there (from your site) and comment on it with relevant keywords applicable to your target market. This is a great way to simply start playing, and will have a nice effect on your site SEO.

Let it connect to Facebook (which has set up Pinterest as one of its 20 key apps which enjoy prominent access to Facebook walls), and invite your friends to comment.

And before you write this off as a "time suck" -- remember: that's what they said about Facebook.

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