[WWN] Email Ask Referral Strategy

This is a great referral strategy for those using our email marketing services (or, even, for those who aren't!) .

I'm copied on a number of client email broadcasts, and one just came across my desk which I received permission to share. It's from Mike and Jim Ornelas, longtime clients and "power users", so to speak, of our services. Here's what they just sent out:

Subject: We're showing some love!


You're getting two e-mails from us this week. Don't worry, it'll be well worth it. Keep reading. You are the winner of an Ipad! (At least, you can be).

I thought about doing something crazy: giving you a chance to win something BIG, in exchange for referring people to have us do their taxes. But I decided not to.

Just kidding.

Here's the deal: a big "thank you" to you, if you have referred anyone, so far. We still have two months remaining in tax season, that leaves plenty of time for you to refer everyone you know to us. Here's a simple e-mail/text you can send:

"Hi (first name), It's tax time and it can be a real challenge trying to find someone who knows their stuff. I don't recommend those online tax softwares because they cost more in time and frustration than they save you in money. I recommend Jim Ornelas, CPA and company. He knows taxes! I got a bigger refund than I ever did with anyone else! Call him today at 916-481-1025 to make an appointment. And be sure to let them know that I sent you."

Or something similar.

Where was I? Oh yeah, something BIG. For the very first time, we're having a referral contest. Whoever refers the most folks to have us do their taxes this year, will be eligible to win, a secret item. I mean, a brand-new Ipad! That's on top of the $17 PER referral! Here's the catch: they have to be eligible for a 1040 (not 1040 EZ or 1040A) and they have to be a paying client by April 15th. That's it!

So call, text, e-mail, Tweet, Facebook, etc. and get those folks rolling in (you know what I mean!)

Jim and Mike
Your friends and tax guys

P.S. Someone has already referred three people this year, and we respect his/her confidentiality. Thanks in advance. We can't wait to see you, a winner!

Here's what's so smart about this:

A) They do it for the client. Part of what makes asking for referrals over email sort of hard is that  you're asking that the client or contact do work! Arggh. We all hate work. So they took the legwork out from the client, and made it push-button easy.

[Incidentally, if you are using our email marketing, you should absolutely make sure you take advantage of our "thank you" sequence in the "Premium Tools" section of your dashboard. We actually make this EVEN easier for you than working up a broadcast such as this.

The sequence is pre-loaded into your account, and we will send a series of emails after you complete the work for a client to 1) Thank them 2) Ask for a referral (a la the above) 3) Ask for a testimonial and 4) Upsell them on different services. You may also edit any of the emails before they are sent out. So USE IT!]  

B) They made it friendly. I can't emphasize enough how important is this aspect. Not only does your communication get received more like a personal note, but testing shows that much greater response comes with it. Further, it makes you stand out even more in the marketplace.

C) Incentives. Humans respond to incentives. If you doubt that, get over it. It's been proven ad infinitum. Not only are Jim and Mike rewarding each referral, but there is incentive to refer many, multiple times. Smart stuff.

There's more to why this email is smart (especially the "PS" at the end), but I'll leave it there for now.