[WWN] Adding To Your Social Presence, Social FAQ

I wanted to give you some extra ideas for leveraging your social media presence, whether we handle it for you or not. But before I get to that, I've asked one of our Social Media Marketing experts around here, Melissa Wagner, to answer some common questions we get about our Social Media services. Take it away, Melissa...

 "What exactly is included in my Social Media Service?"
by Melissa Wagner (Operations & Client Concierge Manager) 

  • For your Social Media services, we will create an optimized Facebook business page, Twitter account, and lead capture webpage.
  • Your Facebook and Twitter pages will be updated several times a day with current, relevant articles, statuses, and links that will keep your fans and followers interested.
  • We also monitor your pages daily for responses and manage social interactions for you there, as able -- with a focus towards directing those conversations towards phone calls and appointments for you. If it's a question we cannot answer, or feel needs to be brought to your attention, we'll send it to you in an email. You do not have to monitor your pages.
  • On both platforms we'll work to acquire more client and new lead connections for you. On Twitter, specifically, we'll be reaching out to people in your market area, with whom you currently have no known connection, and introduce them to you and the services you offer. And Facebook grows as a network. It grows through the clients and other people you already know, connecting you with people they know, and serves as a platform to get you word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Throughout the year if you need extra posts made, content updated or pictures uploaded, let us know. We can help you with those things, along with keeping your pages up-to-date on a technical level, automatically done for you on a continuous basis.

"Can I post on FB and Twitter, if I wanted to?"

  • Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. Posting on your pages every few weeks is great, to add a personal/local feel to the page, and could very likely encourage interaction (which then could lead to more "Likes" and more business). To do this on Twitter you should have your login/password from us. Simply log in and "tweet" as often (or infrequently) as you wish. For Facebook you will need admin access. If you don't currently have this, just let us know and we'll get you set up.


Now, again -- whether or not you use our services, here are a few ideas to add value to your social presence:

1) Thank your clients personally, on your Facebook wall.
* If you are friends with the person, you can "tag" them by typing out their name, and selecting it from the dropdown which will appear automatically -- but regardless, it's a great idea to thank you rclients publicly for their trust.

* Say something like: "Thank you, John Smith, for your continued trust with your tax information this year. We're grateful to have clients like you!" Doing this will amp up their willingness to refer people to you, and is simply a nice touch.

* Don't overdo it, of course ... but a couple a week is a great idea.

2) Use Twitter or Facebook to ask directly for referrals.
You can run "mini referral contests" by simply encouraging that whomever sends the most people your way over the next week will receive a $50 gift certificate from some great local restaurant.

Encourage them to post and tweet about you, and have their friends let you know they sent you.

3) Find your clients on Facebook and Twitter and follow them.
Some may be a little uncomfortable with this -- but it's actually a great way to create spontaneous testimonials and referrals. That is, of course, if you provided them a good experience!

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