[WWN] 3 Ways To Increase Referrals From Professional Sources

If your referrals from local professionals are running dry, it might be time implement new strategies to nurture those professional relationships and keep business flowing again.

Rather than just asking for their recommendation, here are three creative ways to add value to your referral partner's business and make it irresistible to work with you:

1. Ask to promote their services, no strings attached. Let your referrals sources know that you have a blog, facebook/twitter or email/print newsletter reaching many families and businesses in the local area and that you'd love to tell your clients more about them. Offer to post a guest blog on their behalf or feature their upcoming events in your newsletters.

Besides creating good will with your referral partners, they'll be more receptive to promote your events and services when approached in the future.

2. Make Promoting YOU Beneficial For THEM. One strategy I've encouraged coaching clients in the past to implement (and seen great rts when they did) is to craft a beautiful letter and custom certificates that the referral source can send to THEIR clients saying "...because you are so important to us, I wanted to personally send you a valuable gift to say thank you for your business." The gift, of course, is a free session with the tax professional/accountant, which we note has a value of $250 (or some such).

The referral partner's clients feel great about receiving such a valuable gift (increasing business for THEM), while you benefit from all the new appointments!

3. Share Without Selling. Don't overlook the importance of sending along helpful articles or resources to your referral partners from time to time. It's a great way to keep the relationship going without a huge time investment. I always like to include a note along the lines of, "Hey--I thought this information would be helpful to you and wanted to pass it along ... hope you are doing well" at the top of the email for that extra personal touch. It's almost always appreciated and keeps you at the top of your referral partner's mind.

Note: this is above and beyond a weekly email series to business contacts.

These are all things which you can easily implement now, after tax season, while the rush of work has slowed down.

Prime that pump, baby!