Gather Your Email List

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Step 1: Gather Your List

You can "export" this list from your tax software (or from whatever source you've stored it). If you don't have that readily available, it's a good idea to hire a temp or get a decent technical person to put it together for you.

Two things to keep in mind about this list:

1) It MUST be only your current clients, or those with whom you've conducted business since 2010, at the earliest--or leads already on your email distribution list. As much as I'd like to give you the ability to include more names, spam regulations require an existing relationship, and I do NOT want your messages to be treated as spam--for your sake, and for the sake of our system.

2) Your list must be in an Excel spreadsheet or .CSV file format. I've attached templates for each of your lists to this email to give you a guide. If you have trouble exporting your list to this format from your tax software, contact your software support, as it should be an easy task.

(Don't worry about "exporting" it *directly* into this format. Export it in the easiest way possible, and then reconfigure the columns to match this template. This will ensure the smoothest integration of your list into our powerful software.)

NOTE: These are ".csv" files, which can be created within Excel or other spreadsheet software by "Saving As", and selecting "Save as Type": Comma Separated Values (*.csv).

Step 2: Identify the email address from which to send your emails

It MUST be a working email address (per spam regulations), and I suggest that you have it sent from an email account which your assistant screens on your behalf, or otherwise an address you have dedicated to responding to client needs. That way, if and when you receive replies to your weekly emails (sometimes it's more than a mere trickle), those emails can be directed to the best person to respond quickly and effectively.

We still recommend that the emails appear to come from you, but set it up to go through the proper channels to be tended to quickly, since the goals with your emails are sales and referrals.