Email Marketing Premium Tools

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Within your Email Marketing Dashboard, you have some great content and powerful sales copy available to you as "Premium Tools"! These features are a valuable part of your new Tax/Accounting Business Website & Relationship Marketing System, so we want to make sure you’re aware of them:

1) Website Capture Boxes

If you’d like to add a “sign-up” box for your email marketing anywhere online, you’ll find pre-designed code here to embed your webform anywhere.

2) Exclusive 'Auto-Responder' Sequence--converts visitors to your site to sales!

When someone signs up for your Email Marketing through the above capture boxes or your landing page, they’ll get a Free Report on tax tips, and a series of follow-up emails. Within your Premium Tools, you can edit and customize that report and those follow-up emails in any way you see fit.

3) Birthday Message

When you provide us with the birth dates of your clients, we will send (on your behalf) this special birthday message. Just set it and forget it! Again, you may edit this message as you see fit.

4) Send up to two ADDITIONAL emails per month to your list!

This feature is designed to enable you to send additional messages to your list, as you see fit. While we have not pre-written any content for you on this page, you have the option of sending additional sales messages (during tax season), firm announcements, etc. using this dashboard.

Once we receive your email, written in the dashboard, we'll check it over, and send it on to your list (or a specific segment of your list) according to your instructions, on your behalf.

5) Exclusive 'Thank You' Sequence gathers testimonials, stimulates referrals, and upsells new services!

We've got an additional auto-responder sequence which follows up with your clients after you've met with them, or completed tax preparation. It's the perfect way to "close the loop" and leave your client feeling great about using your services.

PLUS, it gives them an email they can send to their friends about you (stimulating referrals) and lets them know about additional services you provide.

To have these sent out, simply add new names through the Quick Add Area of your Email Marketing dashboard, by adding their contact information and checking the “Add to thank you follow up” box. Or, you can email with the names and email addresses of folks you’d like to receive them.

6) Send list updates/additions in ANY way you see fit

Seriously, we'll even take the coffee stains.

Just fax your list additions to 434-382-0639, and we'll do the work to add it to your account for you! What could be easier than that? Oh, and be sure to scribble on there if you want them added to the "Thank You" sequence.

We've also got an "upload" feature in your Premium Tools, if you have the list electronically (even better).